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when you need to sell a car!
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(602) 900-8719

Before you read further, if you need to sell a gently used vehicle, a classic car or even an undriveable clunker truck, enter our number into your Rolodex or iPod, because we are the premier service for you. The number to enter into your emergency register is (602) 900-8719, we are available 24/7 and the business name is Cash for Cars Avondale.

Who We Are

That said, you certainly need to know more. We are a local company with your local Avondale neighbors as bonded, trained and insured employees. Our drivers are courteous, responsible and familiar with all Avondale addresses and locations. We have been here serving your community for years and will still be here when you have need for our service again. Our purchase price is quoted to you at time of your call of inquiry, and we do not have any hidden surprise deductions to bite you later. You do not pay any fee or charge. We pay you.

State Paperwork,
Smog or Other
= Not Applicable

We complete all documentation with your particular state DMV and you only need your title or registration at time of the vehicle pick up by our representative. If your state requires smog or pollution compliant documentation, we will take care of that red tape ourselves. You only need your title or registration and the vehicle to sell to our company, and we pick up our purchase at time of payment.

Better Choice
Than Classifieds

No one enjoys listing a vehicle or any kind in the classified section of newspapers or special auto trading publications, because it means an endless parade of strangers on your phone and getting directions to your door, with perhaps none of them with ready money to buy from you. With our company, you make one call to offer your vehicle, we give you our professional quote and if accepted, our representative retrieves the vehicle and pays your price, usually the same day.

Reasons to Sell to Us

The foregoing details why you should choose to sell to our company to save on fees, negate headaches and eliminate stranger-danger at your home. As for your unique reasons for selling a vehicle, there are a multitude which might apply to your circumstances:

  • Cannot Afford Needed Vehicle Repair
  • Cannot Afford Extra Auto Insurance
  • Need to Dispose of Aunt Mary's vehicle
  • Need Cheaper Gasoline Transport
  • Divorce Settlement
  • Relationship Breakup
  • Car Lot Trade-In Offer Too Low
  • Undriveable Vehicle is Eyesore